About DerMax®

A product of Dermagenics Europe
Product Description
DerMax® is CE approved as a Class IIb medical device manufactured by Dermagenics and currently approved for use and available in Europe and the Middle East. DerMax® is a sterile wound dressing impregnated with Polyhydrated Ionogens (PHI-5) ointment and is intended for use in healing chronic wounds. PHI-5 contains a synthetic blend of trace elements (metal ions) that normally occur also in serum and wound exudates. The carrier, a dressing material of acetate mesh fabric, is impregnated with PHI-5. The acetate carrier is inert. The PHI-5 formula will be released to the wound surface after the dressing is applied to the wound.
DerMax® is intended for use with chronic and acute wounds. DerMax®normalises the wound micro-environment, reduces excessive inflammation, and facilitates re-epithelialisation of the wound.